yeah, i'm thrifty!

i wrote my second article for cocokouture last week on a topic of my choice.
since i know MUCH more about bargain hunting than sliding my plastic on fifth ave, i chose to expose the art of thrifting--and i owe it all to my momma. :)

saturdays growing up in TN were spent with my mom, her sister, and a chattanooga thrift store called "the bargain mart" for as long as i can remember.  we scoured through hundreds of garments on the modest racks, cumulatively tried on at least 30% of the store, danced around each other in the small dressing rooms for glances in the mirror, and group-critiqued each piece until the perfect purchase was found.  we didn't always go home with something, but all three of our wardrobes are dominated by thrifted items.

i took everything my mom taught me about finding quality new additions in overlooked/unexpected places and turned it into a how-to article on cocokouture.  shopping in these stores is easy on the budget and you're guaranteed to find something no one else is wearing.  plus, it's uber green!! so go get educated: Making Someone Else's 'Old' Your 'New and Fabulous'!!!

image source:
cocokouture.com (collaged by me, but i still have to credit my employer for publishing)


Lily said...

I love reading your blogs, Ellen! And I think you're super cool for living in NYC!

fashionelle said...

aw thanks lily!! come back and see me!!!! [and i heart YOUR blogs!]