and here's my excuse for absence....

finals at a prestigious fashion school are not the typical 1 week whirlwind of deadlines.  finals are a month long event that consume all hours of the student's life, breeding a hoard of blistered-finger, unshowered, sleep-deprived hermits.  the upside? there are things to show for it besides exam grades. (click to enlarge!)

my construction 2 final was based on the Egon Schiele collection posted previously.  techniques/features included? twist, shirring, elastic waist/legs, hidden pockets, invisible zipper, bias lining.  whew!!--much more exhausting that it appears.  unfortunately, i lost my back view, but basically it looks the same, just add back-bodice darts, and tie the ends of the twist in a small bow/knot.  fabric: silk/cotton voile.

fashion drawing 2 final consisted of two mini-collections.  one commercial, and one more avant-garde.  these drawings make more sense with the swatches included, but my teacher still has them for grading purposes.  i re-drew these MULTIPLE times, but my over-achiever, people-pleasing self could not stop until my favorite teacher was happy.  he wanted me to challenge myself by loosening up my line quality, so this is 'messier' than my usual work.  i can dig it, but it will take some practice.  oh--and my teacher STILL said i have a long way to go (notice the awkward far-right figure in both collections--haha!).... too bad class is over.

tech drawing final had to be a small collection using more complicated flat drawings, patterns, and various color fills.  i misunderstood the due date and did 90% of this in one night---the first of many sleepless nights this past 10 days.  my collection is another spin off of the Egon Schiele inspiration, but presented as pajamas/loungewear/lingerie.

i still have one more to go, but i'm not particularly excited about it, so it will not be shared. :) and my other two were a fashion history exam and a paper on sustainability applied to the magazine industry.  maybe i'll post the 10 page paper, but i doubt anyone has the attention span to read it.

and now time for some well-overdue sleep. goodnight, loves!

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