ok so it's not THAT bad...

my CAD class was a disaster.  the software (kaledo) is the least intuitive program EVER, the teacher had her busiest semester in life, and the school computers couldn't handle the complicated software so it constantly shut down.  thus, my creative endeavors were thwarted and i learned very little.  luckily, i could use my trusty photoshop/illustrator combo to complete the final project with a little help from my flats rendered from tech drawing.  [borrowing for the sake of time is ALWAYS ok when its from your own portfolio, right?]  as mentioned back in february when i assembled the mood board, this is an intimates collection for anthropologie, drawing inspiration from beach/storms/miu miu.  our CAD class was geared toward textile/print design, so all prints and plaids designed/altered by moi.

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Campanula said...

I like your patterns and the way, you´re using it.
Hand drawings are better anyway. They show your personality, even if CAD-use is raising up so quickly. But what, if you need to sketch something quickly? you can only do it by hand.
Think of that and be patient with you computer!